Retained Services

Your own HR team, without the in-house cost.


We begin by performing a full diagnostic on your company in a discovery and planning session. Once your business is compliant, we focus our efforts on your specific business needs. We will then use advanced policies and procedures based on industry best-practices to take your business to the next level.

Our Retained HR Services Include:

Personalized Support

We offer onsite, telephone, and email support. Our senior HR specialist will complete site visits on a regular basis as agreed by you.

Maintenance of HR Policies and Procedures

We provide the documents you need for each employee and help prepare your employee files and handbook. Our techniques include equipping you with proper hiring & termination procedures as well as handbooks & policies. We write and implement customized policies for your company – vacation, sick, paid time off, smoking, internet, personal use of company, etc.

Organization and Employee Management

SouthernHR assists in areas such as unemployment claims, advanced compensation plans, and payroll management. We also develop new processes to help your business run more efficiently.

Improved Staffing and Training Strategies

We conduct supervisor training, assist in recruiting and job placement. We also implement our advanced hiring practices which indicate what should and should not be asked in interviews as well as what to look for in potential employees.

Updates of Legislation as it Pertains to Your Business

We ensure that you are compliant with all labor laws and regulations – including, but not limited to, FMLA, COBRA, ADA, FLSA, and EEO. We also administer FMLA and handle disability claims.

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