What We Do

With SouthernHR, you don’t need to hire a full-time HR professional. 

SouthernHR May Be Right for You If…

You need access to HR information & guidance 24/7

You value the role that HR can play

Your size prohibits hiring a permanent resource

Not all businesses need or want a large HR function. However, it is vital you understand your responsibilities in relation to people management and the legal frameworks that apply to your business.

SouthernHR offers retained human resource services to meet your needs and requirements. You’ll have you very own highly-experienced HR Director on call to provide expert advice and guidance.

Our Goal

To help your business run smoothly and efficiently with minimal human capital hiccups.

Business Solutions

What propels company growth and higher levels of success is the ability to attract and retain the best people for the company. Through our recruiting, staffing, training, coaching, and employee development capabilities, we partner with organisations to reach your goals and protect your business.

Find Talent

Let us assist you in finding the right candidates and ensuring they are delivering to their fullest potential.

“With SouthernHR, we were able to form an entire HR department, inclusive of a company handbook, numerous HR forms, government regulation and compliance, full benefits management, and management HR training, in just a few months.”

– Olivier International

Our Services

Retained Services

We begin by performing a full diagnostic on your company in a discovery and planning session. Once your business is compliant, we focus our efforts on your specific business needs. We will then use advanced policies and procedures based on industry best-practices to take your business to the next level.

Project Services

SouthernHR can provide you with a range of consultancy or project services when you need that extra level of support to ensure you are able to manage challenging circumstances effectively. We combine a practical operational approach with a strategic perspective, providing targeted and cost effective expert service on the full range of people management activities as you need it and when you need it most.