Step 3 - Focus on Growth & the Future

Once we have worked together to build a solid human resource base for your business, we use advanced policies and procedures based on industry best-practices to take your business to the next level.

  • Job description  and compensation structuring
  • Improved staffing and training strategies
  • Performance Appraisal/ Management systems
  • Organizational Development

Three-Tiered Process

At Southern HR, we follow a three-tiered process to get your company compliant and moving in the right direction as soon as possible.

Step 1 - Assessment & Compliance

Our process starts with a full review of your company and your goals.

  • Perform a full diagnostic on your company in a discovery and planning session
  • Ensure that you are compliant with all labor laws and regulations - including, but not limited to FMLA, COBRA, ADA, FLSA and EEO
  • Provide the documents you need for each employee and help prepare your employee files and handbook

Step 2 - Tailored Policies & Practices

Once your business is compliant, we focus our efforts on your specific business needs.

  • Develop new process efficiencies
  • Write and implement customized policies for your company - vacation, sick, paid time off, smoking, internet, personal use of company, etc...
  • Advanced hiring practices - what should and should not be asked in interviews, what to look for in potential employees
  • HR benefits and consequences of recent changes to the law